Hermann Monument Reconstruction

At their regular City Council meeting dated April 5, 2022, the Council received and ordered filed the Hermann Monument Historic Building Conditions Assessment by MacDonald & Mack Architects dated June 17, 2019 and the Core Drillings Structural Assessment by Midwest Engineering dated February 23, 2022.


  1. Hermann Monument needs complete or extensive replacement, reconstruction, or restoration.
  2. Over the past few years, staff has consulted with numerous experts, including from the: Minnesota Historical Society, Minnesota State Office of Historic Preservation, and National Park Service.
  3. No simple solution has resulted.
  4. Staff plans to present a concept to the above mentioned agencies to:
    1. Retain a firm to systematically and strategically deconstruct the monument, while documenting all aspects.
    2. Retain a firm to create of a complete architectural reconstruction plan.
    3. Retain a firm to reconstruct the monument as per the reconstruction plan.
  5. Like materials would be used in the reconstruction: granite, limestone, brick, concrete, steel, glass, etc.
  6. Reconstruction with new, like (similar) materials, would be expected to give the monument at least another century of life.

Primary Issues/Alternatives to Consider

  1. One or more firms may be retained for the above mention work.
  2. Significant funding will be necessary.
  3. Funding sources may include: Minnesota State grants, bonding and or appropriations; Federal appropriation(s); City of New Ulm funds; private grants and or donations.
  4. Approximate timelines may be:
    1. 2022-2024 Receive concept acceptance from the State of Minnesota.
    2. 2024-2026 Secure funding (possibly in phases).
    3. 2026-2028 Deconstruction and documentation.
    4. 2028-2030 Reconstruction plan created.
    5. 2030-2032 Reconstruction.
    6. 2032-2033 Grand reopening.