Courtesy Car

Welcome to the City of New Ulm Municipal Airport!Close up of the Municipal Airport courtesy car

There are two Courtesy Cars that have been donated for the complementary use of visitors to our airport.  The following policy applies to your use of the Courtesy Car.
1. Use of the car is on a first-come, first-serve basis, 7 days a week by pilots over the age of 21 who visit the New Ulm Airport via airplane.
2. Prior to using the Courtesy Car, users must fill out the "Use of Airport Courtesy Car" form which indemnifies the City from all claims regarding their use of the courtesy car. Failure to either fill out the form completely or use by persons other than visiting pilots with a plane on the ground in New Ulm will be deemed as "unauthorized use of a vehicle" and may be prosecuted.
3. Use of the car is limited to short trips in the New Ulm area. Generally, the Courtesy Car is not to be driven outside of the City Limits.
4. Please limit your use of the car to no more than four hours. Overnight use of the car may be arranged in special circumstances by contacting City Hall at 507-233-2121. ext. 145.
5. Every attempt is made to keep the car full of gasoline. However, you are responsible for purchasing any additional fuel if required. We ask that you top off the tank before returning it to the Terminal building.
6. Make sure you leave the car in a condition as good as or better than when you started using it. No snacks or beverages in the car.
7. While using the courtesy car, drivers are required to follow all applicable laws of the State of Minnesota. A valid driver's license is required.
8. Drivers are prohibited from the consumption of any alcohol or other chemical which may impair driving ability immediately before or during the period in which he/she is in possession of the courtesy car.
9. Drivers are to refrain from the use of a cellular phone to talk, text message while operating the courtesy car.
10. Users are solely responsible for any legal action which may stem from their use of the courtesy car, including tickets, law suits, or repair costs.

Airport Courtesy Car Agreement

Please fill out the Airport Courtesy Car Agreement and leave it in the secure drop box. The car keys are located in the secure key box; please put them back in the key box after use. 

Thank you for visiting New Ulm!