Parking Enforcement

The Parking Enforcement Officers are assigned to monitor and implement the parkingParking Enforcement Officer Cordes ordinances of the City of New Ulm.

Parking Citation System

The New Ulm Police Department recently upgraded its parking citation system. The upgrades allow for electronically prepared and submitted parking citations by parking enforcement officers and patrol staff. Benefits of the new system include more legible parking citations, citation information automatically populated into the payment system, and better tracking of violations.

The new parking citations differ notably from the gold envelopes used previously. The new citations are either a narrow slip of paper (similar to a store receipt) generated with a portable printer carried by parking enforcement officers or a full piece of paper if generated by one of the printers in our patrol vehicles. The format of the citation is identical for both with the fine amount printed on the citation.Parking Enforcement Officer Brown


Parking fines and payment methods remain unchanged. Fines for the limited time parking violations are as follows:

  • Warning for the first violation in a calendar year (downtown business district only)
  • $10 for a second violation
  • $20 for a third and subsequent violations
  • $25 for fines for violating a snow removal parking restriction
  • $20 for all other parking fines

Submit Payments

Parking fine payments can be made via the yellow payment drop boxes in the downtown area, in person or by mail at New Ulm City Hall:
100 N Broadway
New Ulm, MN 56073

Limited Time Parking Regulations

The New Ulm Police Department Parking Enforcement Officers are most often seen in the downtown business district enforcing limited time parking regulations. This is to help ensure that those frequenting downtown business locations can access adequate parking in order to conduct their business. Limited time parking regulations are enforced in the downtown business district Monday through Saturday during business hours. Signs citing the time limitations are posted throughout the downtown area.

Leased Parking Spaces

Leased parking spaces are available for those that live or work in the downtown area. Contact the Finance Department at 507-359-8259 with questions regarding the availability and costs of a leased parking stall.

Most Often Received Parking Complaints

The most often received parking complaints involve parking in one location in excess of 24 hours, unauthorized use of someone's leased parking space and blocking an alley, sidewalk or driveway.

Snow Emergency Parking Citations

During snow emergencies declared by the city, vehicles are subject to snow emergency parking citations and towing if left in the snow emergency zone. The snow emergency zone comprises a large part of the downtown area to include portions of Broadway, Minnesota Street, German Street, and State Street as well as the cross streets from 5th N to 3rd S. The areas designated for emergency snow removal are posted with signs.


Citizens can sign up for Nixle alert notifications that will advise them of snow emergencies, road closures, etc. The alert notifications can be received in the form of email or text messages to an email account or cellular device.